Stadium & Arena Advertising Billboards

LED Advertising Billboards for Stadiums and Arenas are becoming the ideal way to increase advertising dollars for entertainment and sporting events from High School to the Professional Level.  Most participants that visit a sporting event or a concert look at the billboards as a way to stay engaged in the event.  They also judge the status of such venue based on the latest technology to provide them a memorable experience.  With the proper LED Advertising Billboard this can be achieved.

  • Video systems for outdoor and indoor advertising with medium and long viewing distances.
  • High refresh rate, no scanning lines even under High Definition camera
  • High brightness, large viewing angle, clear and vivid pictures
  • High contrast degree and waterproof.
  • The waterproof joint used for connection of signal cables and power supply.

Stadiums, Football fields, Indoor Sport Arenas, Race Car Circuits, Tennis Court Arena, Volleyball and Basketball Courts