• High refresh frequency, high gray level, and no dithering while displaying videos,
  • Can be used for live TV program
  • Even after prolonged use, the LED display will maintain a perfect picture quality, white balance reappearance and adequate brightness
  • Specialized structure provide feasibility of various mounting methods such as front-maintain mounting, stack mounting, hang mounting, fixed mounting and etc.
  • Good performance in color uniformity, large view angle, high brightness, low fault rate and easy for maintaining.
  • The pixel correction technology is available.
Pixel PitchColorLED TypeChip TypeDriving MethodPixel DensityModule ResolutionModule Size (Inches)Max Watt ConsumptionCabinet WeightBrightness
P10Full Color3in1 SMD (1R1G1B)35281/8 Scan Duty1000016×1612”x6”700123lbs1600nits
P8Full Color3in1 SMD (1R1G1B)35281/8 Scan Duty1562532×1610”x5”1000110lbs1600nits
P7.62Full Color3in1 SMD (1R1G1B)35281/8 Scan Duty1722232×1610”x4”1100143lbs1600nits
P6Full Color3in1 SMD (1R1G1B)35281/8 Scan Duty2777732×167”x3”150092lbs2000nits
P5Full Color3in1 SMD (1R1G1B)35281/8 Scan Duty4000032×166”x3”160077lbs2800nits
P4Full Color3in1 SMD (1R1G1B)35281/8 Scan Duty6250032×324”x4”200092lbs1600nits