School organizations around the country are more and more each day, adding LED Displays to their signs.  Both private and public schools are looking for a more effective way to communicate with parents and other members of their community.  LED Displays has proven to be the ideal tool to relay the activities of each school.  Whether it’s notification of PTSA agenda’s or important statewide testing, LED Displays has help schools keep everyone informed.  Not only are they efficient but also attractive.

IComm Signs have recognize the growing demand of our product and this is why we have design special programs that are specifically geared toward schools a like across the nation.  Making our LED Displays more affordable than our competitors.  

We welcome any inquiries from potential admirers and want you to know that we provide a no pressure approach in providing you the necessary information you need to make your decision.  It’s our firm belief that we are here to consult and educate the public about our displays.  Therefore we invite you to email or call us directly to discuss how iComm Signs can help you achieve the look you feel best represent your school and it’s community.