LED Signs Installation & Servicing

Whether you have purchased your sign through iComm Signs or another LED Sign manufacturer, we will provide all customers the same wonderful treatment and customer service.  We have installed and service many signs that weren’t purchase through our company.  There are many companies that manufacture displays that either are out of town or just simply do not handle installation or  servicing.  If you have purchased your sign from another manufacture and need help with the installation please give us a call.  If you are no longer able to get any support from the manufacturer of your sign and need to have it serviced/fixed, please feel free to call.  We will assess your project and let you know what it will take to either get your sign running again or install your newly purchased display.

We welcome any inquiries from potential admirers and want you to know that we provide a no pressure approach in providing you the necessary information you need to make your decision.  It’s our firm belief that we are here to consult and educate the public about our displays.  Therefore we invite you to email or call us directly to discuss how iComm Signs can help you achieve the look you feel best represent your school and it’s community.